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We offer a variety of seed products from different companies
Alfalfa, Corn, Grain/Forage Sorghum, Soybeans, Sunflowers, Wheat, Turf/Pasture Grasses, Cover Crops
*Links to each seed company's website are listed towards the bottom of this page*

    Feed Seed

    Kritter Kandy IIBMR Sorghum - Sudan 
    Super Sioux: Sorghum- Sudan 

    Excel: Sorghum- Sudan
    NutriMaxx: BMR Sorghum - Sudan

    Rox Orange: Forage Sorghum (Cane)
    KS Orange: Forage Sorghum (Cane)
    Early Sumac: Forage Sorghum (Cane)
    Sweet Bites: Sorghum - Sudan